38th PZU Warsaw Marathon - finish line
38th PZU Warsaw Marathon.

Hi! Welcome on my personal blog called World Marathon Majors By K.. As You have already noticed, the blog is strongly connected with running. To begin with, I assume you have two important questions: who is the author of this blog and what exactly does he write on the subject of running. I am ready to answer both of them …
First of all, let me invite You to visit one of my sub-web page, where You can easily find all information about me. You can read all about my daily routines and how it really happened that I started to run …
What about the answer to your second question ? … right, at the time you are reading this post, I’m actually about 2 – 3 weeks after my 10th marathon. This is the main reason why I came up with an idea to run all major marathons in the world: Tokyo Marathon, Virgin Money London Marathon, B.A.A. Boston Marathon, BMW Berlin Marathon, Bank of America Chicago Marathon and TCS New York City Marathon. All marathons together are called the World Marathon Majors. It is undoubtedly a huge achievement in a small running world …
The initial plan assumes to complete the project within the next three years (2017 – 2019). I think it is an optimal time to prepare really well to each competition. I would like to add the highest priority to every marathon from the list. I am going to divide all six marathons into spring – autumn sessions. It allows to have a good break between each run. It is important to me to achieve the best possible result. Finally, I would like to break at least a 3h score on each marathon.
As You can see, the entire project is really interesting :). If You would to inquire much more about how I prepare to each race, what kind of training I follow before each long-distance run, how I’m going to organize every trip or if you would like to read my detailed account from every major marathon, then I cordially welcome You on my personal blog. You will also find a summary from a few testing runs that I’m planning to complete in Poland. There is a chance you will read about races that You are going to run as well. The whole project is undoubtedly an amazing adventure :).

Initial plan:

  • B.A.A. Boston Marathon – April 17 2017 (registration: sent, confirmed!)
  • BMW Berlin Marathon – 24 September 2017 (registration: sent, confirmed!).
  • Virgin Money London Marathon – April 2018.
  • Bank of America Chicago Marathon – October 2018.
  • Tokyo Marathon – February 2019.
  • TCS New York City Marathon – November 2019.



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About blog

This is my personal blog dedicated to running. You will find all useful information about my training, competitions that I have attended or detailed accounts from my preparation and participation in World Marathon Majors. I warmly welcome You :)